Hooray! It’s Women’s Day!


Oh goody! It’s time to observe and celebrate the day the world has put aside for us womenfolk in an attempt to demonstrate that we have value even though we are not men. Strike up the band!

This year’s International Women’s Day is more important than ever. Women worldwide are striking today for the A Day Without A Woman movement to prove to the world at large that our contribution to society matters, that the work we do matters, our spending matters and most importantly, that our unity matters.

This year started off with a particularly powerful punch right in the taco thanks to America electing an animated turd rolled in Cheeto dust and world-class misogynist to the highest office in the land. Nice work. This resulted in a pandemic of unparalleled clusterfuckery, which included passing a bill intended to remove reproductive rights from women across the globe. It may be 2017, but we ladies are currently perched in a precarious position.

As I type, the senate is debating about the bathrooms trans people can use while trans women, and most notably, trans women of colour, are being killed in the streets. In the first two months of 2017 alone seven trans women were murdered, and this number is likely to be higher, as trans people continue to “disappear.”

The conservative concerns about the trans community are terribly destructive and misguided and as long as our government continues to propagate poisonous prejudice and prioritise where people piss over people’s civil rights, things are unlikely to improve without a big push from those of us who recognise how wrong this is.

On top of the assault on the trans community, we have also seen the controversial “Muslim ban” become a reality and in the USA, mass deportations have begun to take place. Brexit has ripped apart the fabric of our communities in Britain and deep-seated racism has been given the green light to bubble slowly, but noticeably, to the surface of our communities and pollute our daily interactions.

But, alas! It’s not all doom and gloom. On January 21st women the world over made history when we marched, in our millions, against this bullshit. We stood up for ourselves and each other, whether beside each other or oceans apart. Women on every continent marched and let the world know that we are not going anywhere, that we will not sit down and that we demand our voices be heard. Sure, Madonna kind of fucked it up for us, but part of the joy of feminism is that it takes many forms and from the militant to the mousey, we have to stand together if we want to pursue equality.

I was asked recently, “why was the march necessary?” And as much as I wanted to roll my eyes so far back in my head that they’d later appear in my stool, and flick this person in the forehead, I resisted. I explained as succinctly as I could that just because she doesn’t see or experience inequality in her daily life does not mean it doesn’t exist. She was the personification of privilege and, ladies, it is our responsibility to not alienate these women, but to educate them and to bring them into the vulva fold.

Here are a few reasons why we march, why we protest, why we’re angry and why we need your support.

Judge in Canada declares “clearly a drunk can consent” after woman, who was so intoxicated she wet herself and passed out, was assaulted in the back of a taxi by her driver.

Girls missing school because, periods.

Despite the recent banning of Female Genital Mutilation, in many countries worldwide it’s still happening in shocking numbers.

Increased Conservative nominations to the US Supreme Court may seek to restrict women’s reproductive rights further.

The omnipresent threat to defund Planned Parenthood despite its services being essential to women’s health.

The banning of the burkini 

The fucking pay gap

The tampon tax

Slut shaming

Street harassment

There’s some light reading for you and if, after reading the articles above, you still don’t think there’s a problem then you are the goddamn problem.

This day is about more than recognising that we are women and that we make up nearly 52% of the population. It’s about acknowledging that we still have a long way to go on the journey to equality and that we need your help.

I don’t want your slow clap into my vagina today, I want your actual support. I want you to stand with me and help to make a change. Equal rights hurt no one and benefit everyone. I know that’s true because, common sense.

Here are a few ways you can help to fight the good fight:

Donate to a female-friendly cause

Plan UK – working to advocate for and empower girls

Planned Parenthood – donate in the name of some heinous Republican. It’s hilarious.

RAINN – help women who are victims of sexual assault

Women’s Aid – support victims of domestic violence and their families

Stonewall – support the LGBTQ community to get help and advice

Protest, protest, protest

Join a #RESIST Meetup group in your area

Be a good ally

Fact: Men make awesome feminists! Stand with us, march with us, talk to us! We need people with all different genitals and from all backgrounds to help.

Happy Vag Day, bitches. Let’s make the most of it!

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