Easy Ways You Can #RESIST

Shit’s about to get really real and if you’re not protesting against the fetid tide of facism that’s rising rapidly and about to wash away the world as we know it, then you’re complicit in this shitshow and you officially suck. This is the time for us, all of us to unite against a common enemy and be on the right side of history. Here’s how we can all work together to stay sane and stay vigilant.

1. Stop reading (and believing) fake news
Facebook is fast becoming a festering Petri dish of misinformation and it’s dangerous. Pick your favourite reliable news source and sign up to it, pay for it and don’t get distracted by the all the bells and whistles of lesser publications designed to confuse and distract us with the same “alternative facts” regurgitated by this joke of an administration. My top picks are are NPR, The Guardian and The New York Times.


2. March, but don’t just march
Fact: We need to mobilise ourselves and unite against Trump & Co’s Dumpster fire of a government. Other fact: we need to show our solidarity with those he seeks to persecute. The easiest way to do this is to protest en masse, but then what?  Demonstrating gives you one hell of an inclusion high, especially if you made a fucking awesome sign, but you can’t stop there.


3. Take action
Write your MP or your senator, boycott products and companies associated with Trump or donate to real organisations fighting the good fight. I can’t lawyer, so I donated to the ACLU this past week because I wanted to help people being targeted by Trump’s hate machine. I also donate monthly to Planned Parenthood. No #humblebrags, but if you can’t donate any chedda then use your talents and contribute in other ways. Write, art, sing, whatevs. You do you, just do something.


4. Talk
This one’s hard, but necessary. Resist the urge to unfriend anyone who is kind-of or majorly on board with the #muslimban or who is down with Trumps’cabinet picks or his sacking of Sally Yates. Treat them with the same concern you felt for Winona after the SAG awards and start a conversation. You don’t have to win, you just have to engage.


5. Unite with like-minded people and set the world on fire
Whether making placards for a march, or campaigning and fundraising for organisations instrumental in bringing about change like #blacklivesmatter, try and organise a gathering of people outside of your usual clique. Join a club or a group on Facebook and host an event like a pub quiz to support a local LGBTQ-focused charity or one committed to protecting  women’s reproductive rights, make it fun, make it inclusive and make it fucking count.


6. Don’t be the white people runing it for everyone
For realzies. Recognise your privilege and then fucking check it. Don’t be Madonna shouting about blowing up the Whitehouse, don’t destroy any shit or start a fight and FFS don’t Snapchat the event using the grape-face-flower-crown filter whilst taking shitloads of #selfies with your provocative picket signs to show the interweb how woke you are. Stahp.

Angela Peoples holding sign and thinking about how you're the worst.(photo by Kevin Banatte)

Angela Peoples holding sign and thinking about how you’re the worst.(photo by Kevin Banatte)

This is not your opportunity to self-congratulate. This is a time for action and to be real allies, not social just media warriors. Do not pregame a fucking protest. This is not a slumber party and this is not a drill. We all need to show up for each other, but we can’t be cunts about it. We’re 11 days in. Just 1,397 left to go. #RESIST

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