Monthly Archive: April 2015


Fake Bitch Slaps for Real Bitches

As some of you know, this week I’ve been attending acting classes at a well known drama school on London. For the bargain price of £295 you can spend four incredibly intense days immersed in all aspects of the art of acting from voice to fighting to Shakespeare. This course...


Being Kind is not About Race

By now I think most people have seen the video taken on a train in Australia where a young woman came to the defence of a young Mulsim couple being verbally abused by fellow Australian passengers. If you haven’t you can watch it here, or spend more time on the...


My Wedding Wisdom

One of my best friends announced yesterday that she is getting married. HOORAY! I love a wedding and I love being married. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to give her, and anyone else who wants it, my top tips about planning, executing and enjoying your wedding.  1. A...