Monthly Archive: June 2014


Like a girl? Like a boss.

The last time I gave any great thought to a maxi pad commercial was when I wondered who the hell they thought they were fooling with that blue liquid shit. Let’s be honest ladies: Nothing. Like. That. Then today all over my Facebook news feed (which is where I get...


Stop with all the raping

Another woman is found hanged in India. The third in two weeks and all three are suspected gang rape victims. We all remember the unbearably tragic incident where a young medical student was gang raped by a group of men on the back of a public bus and then thrown...


Are we there yet?

It’s Saturday morning and I’m supposed to be asleep. I’ve been surviving on about 4-5 hours a night and packets of Hawaiian biscuits for sustenance. I’m supposed to be asleep, but this beautiful, sunshiney Sri Lankan morning has pulled back my blankets and coaxed me awake with its smells and sounds. I’m...