Monthly Archive: February 2014


Some pearls

I just grossed the man out sat next to me with my breakfast. What’s wrong with people that their stomach turns at the sight of a chorizo breakfast burrito? If it were me sat there, I’d have asked where I got it. These train journeys are really quite interesting. A...


A question of sport

As armchair activists pass comment on Facebook and TV channels are changed sympathetically to reruns of Wife Swap many are debating making a choice that shouldn’t be so hard to make. This is a crucial time for the LGBT community all over the globe. As more and more states in...


Stranger than fiction

A good friend of mine posted and article today about how a writer’s aspirational figure, Carrie Bradshaw, in time turned out to be a massive disappointment to her and how she is now living the life she was meant to lead free from the inspiration of the character SJP animated....